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Meet up with us on Sundays at noon ET (NYC) time for Brunch, Happy Hour, or a Late Night Drink depending on your time zone! 


We are people in the Sex Tech industry just getting together on Zoom to connect from around the world. 


Have a great time meeting like-minded peers in tech, porn, business, and the sexuality research, journalism, and arts industries. 


Events are inclusive for all genders and sexualities.  This is a safe space for members of adult industry to socialize and network in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere

for everyone.

Register now to meet Melanie Cristol, Founder & CEO of Brazen Goods and Inventor of the company's
inaugural product, Loralson 
Sunday, May 2nd, at Noon (NYC) ET!

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Join us on Sunday, May 2nd at noon (NYC) ET to chat with with Melanie Cristol, Founder & CEO of Brazen Goods, a sexual wellness company that helps people across the world have more frequent — and more pleasurable — intimate experiences.  Melanie is the inventor of the company’s inaugural product Lorals: ultra-thin latex panties for comfort and pleasure during intimacy.  

"Lorals create a layer between your partner’s mouth and nose and your vulva and anus during oral sex and rimming, and the opaque latex material provides additional stimulation to the clitoris and labia without skin-to-skin contact. The super stretchy, silky panties sculpt to your body’s curves, allowing your partner’s mouth and tongue to move fully. Lorals stay in place during oral sex and are designed to cover your vulva and anus the entire time. (Please note that Lorals don't block STDs/STIs just yet.)" ~

Prior to creating and patenting Lorals, Melanie graduated from Columbia Law School and practiced at the international firm O’Melveny & Myers LLP, where she represented consumer-products, healthcare, and technology companies. Melanie was also part of the legal team that secured gay marriage rights for the western United States. Melanie and Lorals have been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Fast Company, Autostraddle, Playboy, the American Lawyer, and other publications worldwide.

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By clicking "Submit," you certify that you are at least 18 years old,

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