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By registering, joining the mailing list, or entering the virtual room for a live event (by clicking on the link provided), you certify that you are at least 18 years old, or have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed.

Registration does not guarantee you a spot at an event.  Your registration will be reviewed to determine that you qualify as a person who works or studies in adult industry or a related field.  We also have a limited number of slots at each event, so we may not always be able to accept every registration. We will let you know ahead of time if we believe you do not qualify or if there is not enough space.

Sex Tech Connect does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

If you attend a Sex Tech Connect event, we expect that you will abide by a code of conduct including being respectful of the ideas of others. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all attendees.

During the events, issues relating to sex, sexuality, pornography, masturbation, group sex, LGBTQIA+ matters, and other similar topics may be discussed.  By entering the virtual event room, you agree that you do not find such subject matter offensive.  If you do find such subject matter offensive, please do not enter the room, or leave the room immediately if you become uncomfortable.

Attending our events is like attending a concert in a public venue.  You may be photographed or videotaped.  Videos and photos of the event may be posted and shared online.  Accordingly, please understand that if you attend the event, your image, name, and any dialogue may be recorded and shared online.  By entering the virtual event room, you are providing your consent to this. If you do not consent, then please, rather than attending live, wait for the video to be posted and see the program there.
If you plan to attend live, the virtual event room will open up at about 11:50am ET on Sunday so that everyone can get in and make sure their systems are working properly before the start time of 12 pm ET (noon NYC time).  A link for logging in will be emailed out on Saturday to registered attendees. 

By registering for an event or joining the mailing list, you consent to receive emails at the email address you provide.  We store your first name, last name, email address, and any other information you type into the fields.  At this time, the data is not shared with any third parties.  Please review this page periodically for updates.  If you would like a copy of, or any information deleted, please contact us at

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